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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 17, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we're going to show you the best videos of the day "right this minute". cops say this lowlife stole from a fund-raiser for two firefighters. >> who were killed in the line of duty. >> see the surveillance tape that landed him on the most hated list. >> this guy's heart is black as soot. a man dies while taking care of a swan. >> they say the swan attacked
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him. turns out swans attack a lot of people and pets. it's a new project called the moment i knew. >> he was the one for me. >> we're checking in with the huffington post about the moment they knew they were in or out of love. >> when he sprinkled bread crumbs on my salad knowing i had a wheat allergy. >> and he's the guy who will eat anything on an internet dare. this time it's -- >> an entire package of raw bacon. oops, i dropped a piece. nick will start our show with our first video and story behind it. >> this is going to make you guys very angry. this despicable man is accused of some theft. this is surveillance video from the basement of smoke eater's pub in philadelphia. if you watch the surveillance video closely, you see the man slashing open gift baskets with a pocketknife. he rifles through the baskets
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and starts pulling out gift cards. >> oh! >> and stuffing them in his pocket. whose party was it? >> what makes this so despicable is these gift baskets and gift cards were given at a benefit for two philadelphia firefighters who were killed in the line of duty last week. lieutenant robert muirry and firefighter daniel sweeney were both killed in a warehouse fire. this is 10:40 in the evening, not like it happened overnight. at one point the alleged thief is scared away by somebody. he returns just a few minutes later to continue plundering these gifts. >> were these gift baskets and cards intended for the families of the firefighters or were these supposed to be auctioned off for fund raising? do you know? >> the gift bachkts were for a ralph to help raise money. people buy a ticket to help generate money and those were the gifts people were supposed to get. he was stealing the gift cards out of them. >>'s a pretty distinct looking dude. you can get a clear picture of him in this video.
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>> i have to think somebody at this place will recognize this guy. >> i agree with you. the fire fighting community is very tight in philadelphia. the disregard he kind of slashes at these gifts it's disgusting. >> i'm sure they were donations from local businesses, people just trying to give out of the goodness of their hearts and this guy's heart is black as soot. he's stealing this stuff! this weekend if you see a huge crowd of naked people riding toward you, it is not armageddon. it is the world naked bike ride. earth day edition. so during this ride, people are encouraged to wear as much or as little as possible but also bring only things that are human powered. so skateboards, bicycles, scooters. >> i tell you what's not flattering. the human butt on a bike seat. you know, that's no good. it didn't look good at all. >> it's not flattering, but
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their whole purpose is not to be flattering or try to look like models. they're doing this in protest of our dependency on oil. these videos from san francisco, vancouver and london are from previous world naked bike rides. but this weekend on sunday will be the earth day edition. people in san francisco are going to be riding naked. it also marks the second year anniversary of the bp deep horizon oil spill. >> about how many people participate in each city? >> thousands of people. this sunday they expect about 15,000 people to participate. >> you know, seeing a lot of naked dudes. you could have given us a warning, graphic video ahead, or something with this one. i wasn't ready for this. >> ugh! >> even a smurf? >> he's blue. >> wonder whose job that was. not a lot of naked girls. what gives here? >> hey, everybody, come ride your bike naked, dudes are,
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like, yeah! >> we're on it, dude. >> i don't think i've seen so many penises in my life. >> i'd do it. >> i think it would be fun. the death of a des plaines man over the weekend is getting a lot of attention because of the way he died. >> it wasn't upside down but it was upwards like you could see the tip of it. >> this little boy daniel witnessed anthony hensley's death. hensley is responsible for taking care of some swans in an apartment complex in illinois. but they say the swan attacked him and he drowned while the swan was on the attack. now, a lot of people are just surprised that the man died this way, but swans are very territorial and all over the internet there are images and videos of swan attacks. this swan is following a goose and her gossling. >> whoa! just picks up one of the babies. >> yeah. that gosling died because the swans attack. >> swans will attack humans.
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>> hey! >> look at this swan go after a dog this happened in the uk. >> they don't have teeth or talons. if it does come after you, it won't eat your face. >> no. but it will peck you. >> that would suck. >> look at it. it's like biting. >> this guy has a paddle to fend off a swan. >> it's chasing a boat that's moving. >> holy cow. >> slow motion. now, he doesn't hit it but he gets right behind it. and that bird comes back again. >> that thing is enormous. it looks like a small plane. >> the internet is full of people getting attacked by swans. so i'm not surprised that something like this happened. it seems just to be a tragic, tragic accident. some intense storms ripped through the midwest over the weekend, and we have some video from norfolk, nebraska. you probably never have seen something like this before. >> some of the heaviest hail i've ever experienced or seen in my entire life.
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>> that's hail! >> going to be noisy. >> whoa! >> that is hail. what looks like snow, what t oks li sow is hail. this video said excitedly in this video he was mowing his lawn one hour before this hailstorm hit. >> i'll be scooping the driveway the same day i mowed my law. >> -- lawn. >> some of the drifts people say were three, four feet from the hail. >> you can see on the side of his house it rolling from the roof. >> that pile is 1 1/2 feet tall. >> did he say how big the pellets were? >> most of them he said were pooe-sized. according to the national weather service nearly 130 tornadoes were reported during these storms that ripped through the midwest and they got lots of hail in certain areas. if you look at the postings under this video, lots of people were saying that homes ended up getting flooded because of the melting and runoff from this. basements got flooded.
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and even the norfolk, nebraska, hospital was forced to move the e.r. to new quarters because enough hail fell that created three-foot drifts and flooded part of the hospital. >> i would think this would be a little terrifying. you'd look around thinking, it's the middle of april, spring has sprung, whoo at is this? >> mother nature. the calendar says it's vaca time. the clock is counting down. but the guy gets detoured. >> uh-oh! >> hey, baby, it's a lady! >> see how this one plays out in decoville. seriously. and this guy's name is bazee. >> someone asked him, what do you like? >> i like ketchup. >> just see
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. welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at right this great videos all day long. this video was captured by
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my friend danny garcia in pasadena. he says that this guy driving this suv crossover looking vehicle cuts off the sedan behind him. so the guy got out of his car and he started banging on the other guy's car. >> come on! >> what? oh, my -- >> wait. so they haven't crashed into each other at all. this is just a cutoff. nobody hit anybody? >> no. >> the other guy put up his dukes like an old-timer boxer. >> like, man, this guy is mad. ♪ >> here is the oncoming traffic. >> not only is it dangerous because it's raining and l.a. traffic, which you know is crazy, they also stopped
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oncoming traffic. this blue car komz up, kind of honks at them, rolls down the window and kind of manages to settle this a little bit. then in true dude fashion, they're, like, okay, man, i'm done. >> there's a good chance these guys have families, kids, and they're going to mano y mano in traffic. >> why, i ought to sock you in the nose! safe to say we've all had a day like this. you're at work, staring at the clock. vacation's right around the corner. time's moving so slow it looks like it's moving backwards. except playing the part of humans in this video are some crested geckos. one of them is anxiously awaiting the closing bell from work so he can head off to vacation. it finally happens. this is not the geico guy. the gecko is, like, cool, i'm hitting the road. i'm going on vacation. but he gets derailed.
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>> uh-oh! >> hey, baby, it's a lady. and of course, like any dude at a stop light with a hot chick next to him, goes into a little dream sequence. of what their two gecko lives could be together as one. girl gecko drives off. dude gecko says, you know what? vacation can wait. i'm going after this girl. >> was girl gecko driving with her tail? >> yeah. >> hanging out of the car. >> guy gecko finds girl gik co-'s car and the two of them sit down for a nice picnic lunch. >> aww! >> we have the creator of this video, corinne from winnipeg, canada. how did you know your geckos had such acting chops? >> kind of was a little bit of a lucky strike. they're not turtles. when i put thim in the car they were kind of half asleep so i just went with it. >> tell us about your stars. were they demanding? you know, did you have to
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negotiate with their agents? >> little easter gs. the girl gecko is tually a gu >oh! >>e nailed the role, though. convincing. >> other than that, they got a little jumpy at night but i managed to crop all of that out. >> maybe geico found their next commercial. >> yes. you're going to love this. i got a trick shot by just a couple of regular joes, not professional trick shot guys. watch the guy off in the distance in the red t-shirt. makes a run for it, plants, flips, boom! >> are you serious? >> no way. >> he's off the court, by the swimming pool. >> they didn't scream and yell? >> sometimes they go nuts after the trick. >> they didn't jump up and down. >> maybe because this was try number 352 and by the time he did it he was, like, man. >> 30, not 350. this was his 30th attempt at doing this. he's pretty happy, but you're
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right, it's a very understated celebration. >> are you serious? >> the other thing i noticed is he plants and flips off of some like landscaping bricks. also did you notice the basketball was flattened? i think that helped him. >> you're right. it doesn't bounce. >> i think the shadow of michael jordan dunking helped him and brought magical powers to the court. >> should be the next basketball mascot. ever have that moment when you just knew something? well, people are sharing their stories with the huffington post, and we're getting the story behind the project. >> i think the common denominator is honesty. >> and this careful cat is doing its best to keep dry. like a circus cat. i feel like i can hear circus music. >> see the sly technique later.
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huffington post, the popular online source for news and information, has a new project called "the moment i knew" where they're asking readers to submit videos about an experience they had where they just knew something. the huff post weddings are asking people to submit video about the moment they knew they were going to marry their spouse. the first one is from the huffington post blogger rachel fly. this is her story. >> i had a family crisis and in a pinch he -- call and he solved
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everything in a minute and i realized right then how much i needed him. >> the really cool thing about this project is that people are being incredibly honest. here's another video from rachel eddie. this is great because it's just her voice and it's set to photographs of the couple. >> the moment i knew i wanted to marry my spouse is when i first saw him walk into the bar where we were meeting for our blind date. i was never seen a photo so i was pessimistically expecting the worst. oh, my god did he get my attention. >> i wanted to hear more so we have senior editor sarah wilson joining us via skype. sarah, tell me how all of you at the huffington post came up with this idea. >> it actually began on huffington post divorce. i am the editor of both huffington post divorce wedding a and weddings. the response we got was tremendous. we had hundreds of people tweeting us and saying, the moment i knew my marriage was
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over was when he sprinkled bread crumbs on my salad, knowing that i had a wheat allergy. or when arianna approached me about bringing "ment moment i knew" to kind of the larger site, it was kind of a no-brainer. >> what type of submissions seem to get the most response? >> the ones that are the bigger celebrities have eobviously gotten a lot of hits. pe rez hilton got a lot of hits. besides celebrities, it's really those amazing stories. we had one on huff post divorce, the moment i knew my marriage was over is when i came home and found my husband in bed with my two best friends. you cannot top that. >> can people go to huff post weddings and see all these videos? >> yeah. the best thing is to go to huf 23 post weddings or the moment i knew youtube channel. >> if you're interesting in uploading a video to the project, send it to the moment i knew@huffington post.m.
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>> ato yousbazee from the uk, and someone asked him, what do you like? >> i like kech tchuketchup. that is why i have ketchup by my bed and at my fridge. when i go to the supermarket to buy ketchup, i buy another ketchup. and before i go to -- i buy another ketchup. and when i get to -- i have three ketchups. i say, give me another ketchup. >> is he a real person, or is he like a marionette? is he like a puppet? he moves kind of like a puppet. >> my friends call me, what are you doing? ketchup. with what? ketchup. what are you eating ketchup with ketchup? ketchup. >> why would somebody make this
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video? >> have you seen the videos on our show? >> you don't understand, man. people ask, why do you like ketchup so much? >> i know somebody just like this. >> that likes ketchup this much? >> no. she likes hot sauce. >> oh, yes! >> because she keeps a jar of it in her purse. is it in there right now? then you should buy another hot sauce at the grocery store when you buy the hot sauce. >> i do, i do. >> that is no lie. >> she sees a little bit of herself in bazee. >> that's ketchup. i eat ketchup before i eat another ketchup. this guy is going to eat an entire package of bacon. >> oh! >> this is very dangerous, and i am a professional idiot. >> that said, see if he can eat this raw mess.
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i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. maryland's most powerful radar all clear and we expect that to hold up. things change tomorrow. a bright blue sky and temperatures more comfortable. remember, 65 normal this part of mid-april. these temperatures continuing to
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run cooler than yesterday but still above average. the north winds will bring even cooler air in tonight. we'll talk about how cool your wednesday will be and look ahead to the weekend. those details on abc2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. you know what we haven't done in a while? haven't checked in with our friend hugh knight 22. >> how could you forget this guy? he eats all sorts of weird, gross, disgusting things. users send him in suggestions. well, i guess people have been asking mr. shoe knight to eat an entire package of raw bacon. >> oh! >> just pay attention to this gross sound of the bacon as he's holding it in his hand.
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>> oops, i dropped a piece. >> it's so disgusting to touch bacon. it feels like sloppy snot. >> don't try this at home, kids. this is very dangerous, and i am a professional idiot. >> at least he knows. >> he's very self-aware. >> on your mark, get set, shoe nice. >> oh, he's swallowing it whole. >> yeah. he's really not doing much chewing here. not at all. nothing to wash it down with either? >> actually, good question. because at a time he washes it down with a four loco. >> oh, my gosh. >> beth is going to get sick. before we go further, if you want to see the entire video of shoe nice 22 eating a whole package of raw bacon, go to our web site. in rusia, i think their cats are a little bit smarter. take a look at this guy. >> me first?cat's to cross the
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river. but as it's on this little brick, he says, i don't like this, it's wet. i don't want to get my paws wet. so look what it does. >> so this cattle straddles this metal bridge thing to get all four of his paws dry. >> that's awesome. >> it's like a circus cat. i feel like i should hear circus music. >> crossing a bridge over the river. >> there's nothing. how do you train a cat to cross a bridge like that? >> you don't. that's just smart cat instinct. >> exactly. do you think the cat -- it's like a little dog. it's cute. >> cat iq. that will do it for our show today. we have one more video, time-lapse footage calls it bees a light. enjoy it. have a great rest of your day. enjoy it. have a great rest of your day. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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a three alarm blaze in the middle of the night in glen burnie and a man almost loses his life. police try to pull over a speeding car, but what happened in the seconds that follow will be upsetting. in the battle of the 1040s, who do you think would file late -- a man or a woman? tax day tuesday. you're supposed to wake up to your alarm clock, not the smoke alarms and flames. we want to take you back in time to glen burnie to an early morning fire. >> i thought there was a feet outside. >> reporter: that's what roxanne thought all the commotion was. >>


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